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Absent are desperate, emotional and honest post-hardcore perfect for driving way too fast to, absent delivers an album for fans of touche amore, defeater, and counterparts, pick it up digitally for free on our bandcamp and if they ever come through your town be sure to see them

CD/Tape release coming soon. Stay tuned.




released May 1, 2016

Album Recorded by Mike Moschetto

Scott: Guitar/Vocals
Shad: Guitar
Andrew: Bass



all rights reserved


Parking Lot Records Wisconsin

a label based near milwaukee wisconsin...

circa 2015

tapes can be purchased on our storenvy!! (linked below)

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Track Name: Fading
this is the last time you'll see my face
Im leaving and I'm not coming back
Im driving away as fast as I can
you'll see me as I fade away
I can't say that i won't miss
but I can't say I care that much
its been to long since I've been happy
I just want to feel alive again
or maybe I'll just stay here
and pretend that I'm okay
and smile as people pass me by
just say that I'm gonna be alright
im not sure of anything anymore
maybe I'll leave and everything will be the same
but i have to try
Track Name: Time
I never understood anything you said
but you always smiled you were my only friend
you said that time was short and to never let it go
I'm trying to figure out exactly what you meant
and now you're gone
and for the first time it started to make sense
I understand everything you said before you left
I know why I am empty and how to feel complete
I just have to keep my head up
and see the forest for the trees
I'll try to live like you and smile when I can
pretend that I'm ok like I was back then
I'll try to live like you and take one step at a time
just like you taught me when you were still alive
Track Name: Hometown
I've been thinking of leaving this town
maybe driving away at night
the streets are so cold and empty
just like I've come to be
the streetlights flicker
just like my happiness
I've been holding on to the things
that make me sad
maybe I'll just stay here
and feel sorry for myself
look out the window in my bedroom
see the trees that keep me here
i won't be gone that long
you won't even miss me when I'm gone
Track Name: Freespirit
I've never had a friend
someone that I could count on
to stab me in the back
or to let me don't
don't let me down
I think that I could smile
If i could trust myself
I think that I'll come clean
and let my spirit free
Im learning understanding
Im learning how to forgive myself
Im learning how to smile
and stand on my own two feet
Im learning patience
but its against my will
Im learning how to let my spirit free
Track Name: Hollow
Im getting older
I'm growing empty
feeling more hollow
I'm getting angry at myself
feeling less like I'm alive
maybe its part of growing up
or maybe this is just me feeling sorry for myself
I hope I never see you again
And I still think about everything
And I still think about you
But at the same Im glad that your gone
I can finally breathe without you by my side
just let me go
Do you think of me and does it make you happy
I've been there before
Track Name: Ghost
I haven't seen the sun for days
been hiding in this empty place
no conversations leave the room
only silence keeps me here
too loud to hear my thoughts
too soft to comfort me
too dark to find a way outside
too bright to find a place to hide
I speak in monologues where you say nothing at all
I ask you how you've been hoping you'll saying anything
but I know its only wishful thinking
I'm letting go I'm giving in
I'm almost smiling
and for the first time
I can breathe without you
Track Name: Someday, in the rain
Maybe last time I saw you
I was sober standing on the sidewalk next to you
waiting for you to let me in
before the rain began to fall
but next time that I see you
Ill say sorry for never letting go
you can forgive me or just walk away
now the rain is falling down
i can't remember anything about the last time I saw you
or what we used to talk about
Now I'm standing drunk outside
standing alone
thinking about that night
I'll say sorry for letting go
you can forgive me or just walk away
and I'll listen to you're footsteps
as they drown out the sound
of the passing cars and the rain
Track Name: Amends
Ive been thinking about everything I said the night we said goodbye
I could say I'm sorry or I could let you live your life
I am trying to move on Im trying to let you do the same
But every time I think about it I don't know what to say
For the first time in a long time Ive been thinking about that night
For the first time in a long time I want to apologize
Ive been trying my hardest not to break the promise that I made
I told you when I left that you'd never see my face
I'm sorry I can't be happy I've never felt this way before
I've never cared about anything now there's nothing I want more
And Im trying the hardest I can And I promise this isn't easy for me
But after everything I've said Im sorry
When you think of me alone does it make you happy