tired of tomorrow's you - ep

by yotsuya kaidan

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"this record is dedicated for all who broke our hearts, and the cat who tragically died under the wheels of the car that was carrying all the stuff we needed to record this ep to the studio. we sincerely believe that our shitty songs are not worth your street life. in the name of your memory, we tried to make this record as good as possible."

tapes coming june 2016


released June 10, 2016

recordings produced by samegrey records & yotsuya kaidan.
on these recordings, yotsuya kaidan is:
valik сrybaby - vocals and lyrics
artem shiva - guitars and background vocals
valik glorious - drums
artem salmon - bass



all rights reserved


Parking Lot Records Wisconsin

a label based near milwaukee wisconsin...

circa 2015

tapes can be purchased on our storenvy!! (linked below)

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Track Name: high school fights for the ziggurat falls
Showing his teeth; knock out the teeth. Spitting blood on the ground, lying in the dust.
All of this for you, it's all for you. I catch your quizzical look in the crowd.
All of this for you, it's all for you. Turning into hyenas in the schoolyard. Blurred silhouettes dance the war dance for you. I remember those days. In the yard of the High School. I remember those days. Flowers spattered with blood. I remember those days. Trying not to lose a tooth
Reductionism of the fall of Ziggurat revealed foundations not only cracked, but rotten and turned to dust. Much like my feelings for you. Gone completely, without a trace.
Battle for you. As per usual. We were young and bold. How many stones hit the surface of your indifference?
It's not for you... It for our eternal youth.
Track Name: feels like lucio fontana's canvas
Through the house's black avenues. Where your blackness eats everything even during the day.
Another promenade from today to tomorrow. Again shoes eroded by scaly asphalt.
Lost in the maze of falsely cozy homes. Сloying dialogue, with anyone about nothing. I understand that my youth is fucking gone. Through the looking glass upside down. Among the eternal coldness of the beautiful harbor. Without hope. Without work. And led astray.
Drool between our lips. Oh, without it I am a cold corpse.
Just drown in the ocean of your hair. Soft blonde hair. Let me breathe that smell once more. Let me caress your forehead. Between fingers glides perfect hair. Your blonde hair. Breathe that smell once more.
Track Name: tasmanian tigers
Torn throat, but it will pass. Through endless pain your mouth draws breath of freedom, of hope. A subtle hint that we may be saved. You and I are dying - tasmanian tigers. I urgently need to take you - tasmanian tigers. Jaws twinkle like black holes. This is our dance for the sake of the revolution...
After the lights were extinguished. Your taste in my mouth; wet snow turns to mud underfoot.
This freedom is our trap. Falling idol crushes me.
Track Name: stormo & goliad
I ам Stormo. You are Goliad. You are sheer chaos and I am hunched in the corner, as always. But today I will fight back
-You know? It is time...
But the answer is just tears; you smothering me in a hysterical attack .
-You know? It is time...
Creek ink, scratches on my cheeks.
-Everything is over! Do not be silly!
Your chest naked, it is hard to argue. Once again, we weave legs in knots and moan among bedsheets.
Your eyes - the light of the Black Star. The coldness that destroyed bridges. Your photo album of dried flowers beautifully burned... I don't need you anywhere.
The burn on my arm aches and throbs. Where are your cold lips? I cast you away ..
Narcissism. Psychopathy. Machiavellianism. Steel. Steel inside… We were drawn to the beautiful shell empty inside. Steel inside.
-Yes. I'm with you. I'm near. Steel within is pressed against the cold brick wall, steel inside. "Yes, the lights burn out again, just like my love; just like your idea of "love"
Stormo and Goliad.